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Fix The Problem Of Bellsouth Email Not Working On iPhone X


1.    The first thing that you need to do is open your Apple iPhone.
2.    If you are using Bellsouth email service, tap its ‘settings’ followed by tapping ‘General’ and then, click ‘Reset’ button. Again, click on ‘reset settings’.
3.    Now, you will have to make sure that you click on that email account that has been set up in the right way on your phone. Maybe that email account is creating problems for Bellsouth email.
4.    Now, you need to go to ‘settings’ > ‘mail’ > ‘accounts’ followed by tapping on your email. Then, click ‘accounts’ followed by tapping your email account.
5.    Tap your Bellsouth email address, which is given right next to the account.
6.    You need to check account information now such as your incoming mail servers and outgoing mail servers.
7.    With the help of email settings lookup tool, check the settings on your email account and verify them with the ones you see on your iPhone.


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