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Outside the window

Outside the window, the setting sun is fascinating, and the sensation is deep. It makes me squint and gaze at the scene in front of me: my mother's mouth is rising, her eyes are full of tenderness and smile. Dad looked serious and stared at his mother's hair. In the past two years, my mother has found it to be serious. Dad didn't know where to find out that there was a dose of medicine that could effectively produce hair. If it was a treasure, buy a lot of bottles and cans. At this point, my family is filled with a taste of Chinese medicine. Dad spends an hour or two every day to lick his mother's hair. I still remember the first time Dad applied medicine to my mother's hair. My mother was full of reluctance. The eyebrows wrinkled from time to time, and muttered in her mouth: "I don't want you to get it! You can't get a big man like this." Dad also became a rebellious and arrogant child Newport Cigarettes Coupons, his face turned red, and he said: "Who said it! I specially learned it and can make it very good!" Mom smiled helplessly, but I watched it. Out of her little joy, how deep is hidden. Dad started to try, I noticed "staring", half a sigh of work, my mother's anger seemed to burst out from the chest, screaming: "The medicine has flowed into the ear!" Dad stayed for a moment, then whispered Authentic: "I will improve." Mother's face was calm. That afternoon, I only heard the constant snoring of my mother and the apology of my fathers frustration. The thoughts flew back, and this scene in front of me made me somewhat uncomfortable. Dad's slender fingers held the comb and jumped out of the beautiful waltz on the scalp. Mother's hair was provoked by a slap, spinning and jumping in the air. The small pill bottle was pinched by Dad's finger Cheap Cigarettes, and the brown liquid flowed regularly on the scalp, like a brush on the rice paper. I saw a row of tiny sweat beads on the forehead, but still clenched his lips, as if he was secretly trying to do the best. The pace at the foot is constantly changing, but it is very regular. For a time, there is only a footstep in the family. I don't know when, my mother's head is slowly going down, she is looking at the book. Dad's brows were somewhat wrinkled, but his hands were light, slowly and gently lifting his mother's head slightly, like treating a treasure that he couldn't put down, cautious. I seem to see Dad exhaling a breath at the end of each round of action. My mother finally came back to God, and some of them were happy to "peep" at the side, "provocative", I stretched my tongue and returned a grimace. After a while, Dad didn't pay attention to it, and the liquid medicine was like a wild horse. He was rushing to the mother's corner. My father was a little panicked. The facial features on his face were mixed together. He hurried forward and took a paper towel to stop it. Medicine, I clearly saw, my mother, curled up the corners of the mouth, with the sweetness of the silk. Time slipped away from Dads fingers and looked up at the window, the sunset was going to take the last touch! At this time Newport 100S, both Dad and Mom were bathed in the Xiaguang two people, a touch of scenery, so harmoniously in the sunset. In the meantime, I cant stop thinking: its always going to be old, its good.
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