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I am not dissatisfied

I am not dissatisfied or angry with my life, nor praise and praise. It is just a normal life, no fairytale, no tragic twists and turns. But I love my life again, I can't hate it, because once I do this, it will be me who will be abandoned first. I am a student Marlboro Lights. Just like thousands of students in the world, I am working hard for a better life in the future. I will do everything for it and bet a good future. I have experienced a lot during my studies, the bitterness after failure, and the pain after success. Why is it painful for success? Because this is a real society, it is not like Andersen's fairy tale, not everyone is kind and lovely. There are also countless people who will stop you and destroy your yearning for a better life. They are fearless, they are so powerful, you fail, they laugh and laugh; you succeed, they are greatly degraded. This is the real situation. Beautiful and cruel world, how much I want to praise your good, but have to say that you are also full of darkness and helplessness. I will not give up, I will fight with pain and ugliness, why do I study, because I want to change, change this incomplete but hopeful world, what do I need? Strength, status, wealth and everything. So, I am learning Cheap Cigarettes. I also lost hope for the world. Even if I was treated so unfairly, it was insufficient. I tried hard to change the status quo. The strength of one person is so small, but I hope that someone can see the future and hope that powerful people can contribute to our homeland. It may be that I think too much, the world may not be so dark, it is also full of hope and light, not everyone is targeted by them like me, not everyone is attacked like me, right? Maybe I am too ignorant, or maybe I am small, I still love this country, still love to let me birth and raise my world. Even if you are scarred, you must move forward. Even if you are in tears, you must smile tomorrow. Even if I am in the dark, I have to wait for the light to shine. No matter how long and how bumpy the road is, I will go to the end, then Said to the difficulties behind him: "Look Online Cigarettes, I won." Because I love this country, the world.
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