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Life is a drama that is constantly being staged. In the play, I played a scene of joy and sadness, called "Self." In the play, I am the protagonist. I am on the stage with a magnificent and magnificent posture. The gorgeous spotlights are gathered on me. At that moment, I became an indispensable figure in the play. Ending the performance, the audience applauded, I gave a perfect score to my performance. In this scene, I explained to other actors the value of "self" and the meaning of "self". I played a play called "Frustration." In the play, I failed. I came to the stage of eagerness to compete with other actors with my hopeful feelings. After all, I was downcast. The yellow spotlight that represents success encases the other actors, shining their bright smiles, and I am stagnant in the dark, I try to chase the golden glow. Helpless! The yellow spotlight has been illuminated farther. I am tired of the weak body and frustrated in the gray light. I played a play called "Try." In the play, I have two identities. I am integrated into the stage with the role of a dragon, living under the shadow of the protagonist. Looking at the protagonist's glory, I am not willing to be just a foil. I yearn for the protagonist's various poses in front of the screen, immersed in the aura that does not belong to me. I am fighting for the director. I want to be the protagonist, but I am ruthlessly rejected by the director. After careful consideration, I began to focus on the present, living in the moment, trying to play my own role. I try to do every move Newport 100S, say every line, and pay attention to every detail. Finally, one day, the director came to me in front of me, and announced that I became the protagonist. At that moment, the transformation of identity made me understand that cherishing the present and working hard will always succeed. Going through the protagonist's "Self" to the future of "Frustration", and understanding the "Try", this is the trilogy of my growth and transformation Marlboro Gold, I have understood that the world is big, life is impermanent, life is in the drama, role Always changing constantly, as long as you have the goal and work hard for you, you are your own protagonist. I have already prepared the next show for myself, that is, "Youth's wings spread" Carton Of Cigarettes, waved and spread wings, and soared in the future sky.

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