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ds, listening to classe

I am blind, my eyes are blindfolded by God, I can't see. - Inscription This is the first few rains this year, I asked myself. Suddenly I laughed out, and a person who had forgotten what the rain had been, was also said to rain. I don't know, and I don't know how many times this is self-deprecating. Bing Xin once said in "Stars" that "childhood! It is the truth in the dream Newport 100S, the dream in the real, the smile with tears in the memory." Yes, childhood, a word that is far away and extravagant to me now. ! I seem to have been locked into a black box, black and lacquered, and I can't see anything. A burst of fear hit me, I struggled desperately, hehe. There was a dead silence around it, only the echoes drifted back and forth. I am eager to escape, but I can't find a way out. Forgive my cowardice. After I had a fight with the god of death, I chose to listen to my life and stop doing those unnecessary rebellions Marlboro Lights. I followed the track of life and moved forward in a small step. Blindness gave me a good hearing. It also helped me a lot. Gradually, I am no longer so pessimistic, self-deprecating. I started out of the so-called black box, even though it was still black. I was canceled by God to appreciate the qualifications of this world. I could not see the gloom of the moon Parliament Cigarettes, nor the sorrow and joy of human beings. Although the world is good, I have no blessings. I have forgotten the look of the day, and in my world, there is only one night after another. No one likes this kind of life. In the endless darkness, I did a lot of things, such as practicing words, listening to classes, and learning ballet. These also add a lot of fun to my life. I started to have some friends, and what surprised me was that they didn't make fun of me. I was blind, which made me look forward to each day. Just grow up like this, even in the dark, but I still have the light that lights up my life. I think, grow up like this. Write my fairy tale in the dark.
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