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7 days ago, the earth trembled. That day is the day you left. In 7 days, the mountain river choked. Today is the time for our sorrow. Watching in tears makes us turn into a sorrowful force - unity. "This time the 4.14 Qinghai Yushu earthquake, the magnitude is 7.1, so far (17:00 on April 20), the earthquake has caused 2,064 people to die, 175 people missing Marlboro Cigarettes, 12,135 people injured..." A string of figures came into view What kind of shocking emotion is that! But in grief, we should be sober, we can't sit on this disaster and engulf the lives of our compatriots. We should unite. The first time after the earthquake, the emergency response mechanism of the whole country was quickly launched. Thousands of People's Liberation Army, Armed Police Forces, firefighters and public security police have opened up a life channel from the land and air. Tens of thousands of rescuers traveled unrelentingly on the ruins of the aftershocks: in the south-circle residential area, the hands of the members of the Yangzhou Rescue Team bleed, leaving blood marks between the broken slabs; at the Yushu National Demonstration School, Lanzhou The eyes of the first rescue team members of the military region were bloodshot because of 54 hours of hard work. Although they were born in peace, these search and rescue team members regarded the people affected by the disaster as their loved ones. Under their unremitting efforts Newport Cigarettes Coupons, they created one life after another. miracle! "In this difficult time, I need to rush back to China as soon as possible, with the people of our country, and wholeheartedly put into the earthquake relief work" - the words of General Secretary Hu Jintao, soothing every Chinese son and daughter; "As long as there is a hint of hope, then We must do our best to keep going, and never give up!" - The warmth of the Prime Minister, inspiring how many desperate hearts! Yes, in the face of disaster, we are all united and united. We believe that if we insist on one more, we will have more hope for survival. If we have more care, we will more than dispel the sun. On the land of Yushu Marlboro Red, the forces of all parties gathered together to tide over the difficulties. "One party has difficulties, and all parties support." When all the Chinese heard the news from Yushu, people from far away took action and contributed their own strength. Regardless of whether they are children or the elderly, whether they are state leaders or ordinary people, whether they are enterprise groups or family individuals, they use donations, donations and other means to express their support for Yushu victims. The mourning for the deceased flashes the most mournful feelings of human nature; the comfort of the living person reflects the brilliant concept of people-oriented! Our motherland has 1.3 billion people. I firmly believe that the common strength of the 1.3 billion people will be the backbone of the entire nation. This is the time to test us, this is the time to witness the cohesiveness. Whether it is the ruins or the brothers and sisters in the hospital bed, we must hold on. Please believe that the hearts of hundreds of millions of people in the motherland are closely connected with you so that we can pass on love in the disaster, turn grief into strength, and witness the miracle of life
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